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In the Media: Retailers Race to Own A Piece Of CTV’s Future by Ryan Christiansen on

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Connected TV advertising is still its infancy when compared to search, display, and social. Advertisers are slowing realizing the potential opportunity in CTV while masses of traditional TV viewers make the shift to streaming on-demand platforms. Even the largest big-box retailers have taken notice and are quickly looking to CTV as a valuable medium to reach more consumers. Continue reading In the Media: Retailers Race to Own A Piece Of CTV’s Future by Ryan Christiansen on

Press Release: Ntooitive Expands Regional Presence to Los Angeles, Appoints Armando Guerrero as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Former SVP of Marketing for Entravision Joins Ntooitive to Drive Marketing Efforts

LAS VEGAS – Nov. 29, 2018 Ntooitive, a digital ad agency and resource for publishers within the media industry, today announced Armando Guerrero is joining the team as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Guerrero will be based in Los Angeles and responsible for managing partnerships for Ntooitive’s advertising technology platforms nationwide.

Since its founding in 2015, Ntooitive has experienced triple-digit year-over-year revenue growth and serves as a software partner for some of the largest newspapers across the U.S. including the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and San Diego Union-Tribune. The addition of Guerrero as key leadership in Los Angeles sets the foundation for Ntooitive’s national expansion and brings relevant experience and talent to its clients.

“Armando brings extensive strategic advertising media experience that will be instrumental as we continue to grow and meet the market demand of our proprietary digital advertising technology from publishers and advertisers,” said Ryan Christiansen, CEO and co-founder of Ntooitive. “We are thrilled to have him on board and with his addition, expand our regional presence to Los Angeles. Our clients and our team will benefit immensely from his leadership and deep marketing expertise.”

Guerrero has experience working with national brands such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Wells Fargo, Honda and Chevrolet Dealer Associations, as well as local advertisers, helping tailor marketing campaigns built around specific business needs. In his new role, Guerrero will be working to bring Ntooitive’s unparalleled digital ad experience and proprietary technology into a new, direct segment of ad partners.

“Ntooitive has a reputation for delivering custom solutions to its partners and clients while maintaining superior customer service. I am very excited to be joining a next-generation advertising technology company and am looking forward to expanding the business nationally by communicating the advantages of using Ntooitive’s holistic suite of products and services,” said Guerrero.

Guerrero previously served as Senior Vice President with Entravision, a diversified global media and advertising technology company serving Latino consumers, where, during an eight-year tenure, he held senior roles in sales and marketing building Entravision’s local digital solutions with Pulpo Media, the top-ranked online advertising platform in connecting businesses with U.S. Latinos. Guerrero has also held leadership roles driving customer demand and building brand awareness across lines of business at C6 Marketing, MTV tr3s, and 107.1/97.5 FM.  

Ntooitive is a digital ad agency and resource for publishers within the media industry, whose mission is to help publishers, marketers and agencies grow revenue by creating efficiency, speed, and effectiveness through the application of innovative technology solutions. Our platform allows organizations to make business decisions, based on data, that can greatly minimize lost revenue due to missed optimization opportunities. Clients can efficiently monitor organization-wide profitability and performance, allowing them to make smarter revenue growth strategies faster. We have offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis and key locations overseas.

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In the Media: Ntooitive CTO, Vikas Khorana Shares A Book Every Person Striving for Success Should Read on

Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners often accredit their success and habitual disciplines to influential books they’ve read throughout their journey.

Creating the foundations for success requires identifying what obstacles stand in our way towards a successful career.  Continue reading In the Media: Ntooitive CTO, Vikas Khorana Shares A Book Every Person Striving for Success Should Read on

Why You Should Consider Adding Bing Ads to Your Search Strategy

For most businesses marketing their business online, it’s a no-brainer to utilize search advertising to boost site traffic, increase sales, and gain in-store visitors. We almost always recommend adding search advertising to your campaigns to extend reach and engage with curious customers.

Google, as you could probably expect, owns the majority of the search impression market, but there is still untapped potential to reach millions of existing or potential customers with Bing. There are over 145 million unique searchers on the Bing Network with 6 billion monthly searches.
Continue reading Why You Should Consider Adding Bing Ads to Your Search Strategy

Location Data Is Not Created Equal

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Using mobile location data to identify trends in foot traffic to a business has made leaps and bounds over the past few years. As mobile app usage has exploded so the amount of location data available. However, not all location data is created equal. As I’m sure you have noticed even apps as stable as Google Maps can occasionally misreport location.

All things considered, we are not yet at a place where this data can be used to create the desired 1 to 1 attribution model that we strive to complete. Even companies the size of Google who have access to vast amounts of data still require the use of poll and questionnaire data to verify location data and do not find the scale needed to create the 1 to 1 match.

Location data is collected and verified in many ways today. The primary means to date generally fall into 2 categories. App and Web collected data and Questionnaire or Poll data. Web and App data is collected when the user opts into sharing their location data from an app or site. Questionnaires or polls are surveys sent to users to collect or verify their data.

What data we use and how it is verified is often determined by the scale of your locations and volume of foot traffic at those locations and the size of the marketing campaign supporting it. The response rate on questionnaires or polls tends to be a fraction of the total reached user base and is often applied to large-scale marketing campaigns tracking millions of users.

This data, if used in the right way can be incredibly insightful and can inform the optimization of marketing campaigns to maximize return on investment. However, to be usable the amount of collected data must achieve the proper scale in user count and be collected over several months to truly find trends that are statistically significant enough to make optimization decisions or judge success.

Ultimately, it’s all about creating enough data, so things like campaign duration and targeting matter, too. As a rule of thumb, longer campaigns are better when it comes to generating a substantial amount of data to provide analysis

This type of attribution is very similar to political exit polling in that it isn’t 100% accurate at all times but, at the proper sample size can often predict the correct trends and forecasting.


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