A Key Piece of Advice to Help New Tech Leaders Master Delegation in 2020: Trust

Tech execs new to leadership roles often struggle with delegation—they sometimes think it takes too much of their time, but there’s a big upside to this process, especially for new tech execs. Despite how difficult it may be, you’ll accomplish more as a group than you could have ever accomplished alone.

By Vikas Khorana

In the Media: Ntooitive’s CTO Vikas Khorana share insights on Data Virtualization via TechTarget

Data virtualization provides a solution to unify data across multiple segments of your business. This new approach requires a clear understanding of the complexities and limitations of data sources present when building data virtualization solutions. Ntooitive’s CTO Vikas Khorana leans in on TechTarget’s article “Data virtualization benefits seen in unified views, IT agility.” Khorana states, “Before diving into data virtualization, understand the complexities of your data sources.”  To read more see the original article here 

By Trey Cepeda