Meet the Team: Matt Ward

Matt Ward joined the Ntooitive Team March 1st, 2017 as a client services manager and was quickly promoted to become the Product Manager for the N2Hive thereafter making it a personal mission of his to live and breath the N2Hive. From development, testing, and launching new features, Matt ensures the N2Hive is consistently improving to provide the best user experience for our valued clients.


Before his role at Ntooitive Matt held 11 jobs in 5 different industries over the course of 10 years. Constantly bored and unhappy with his previous roles he set out to learn a new skill to cement his path for career success, and Ntooitive could not be happier for his added value to the team.


“Learn to enjoy the journey and embrace the challenge, there is no finish line at Ntooitive”


Matt completed a self-guided coding school while working full-time to support his family, counting it as one of his proudest accomplishments, which ultimately helped him land his career with Ntooitive.


What most people don’t know about Matt is that he lived in Concepcion, Chile in 2009 through 2011 as a volunteer assisting with disaster and humanitarian efforts such as distributing food and rebuilding homes after the 8.8 earthquake.


Weekends for Matt normally consist of spending time with family creating fun and memorable moments. Matt has been married to his loving wife for 4 years now with 2 beautiful daughters, a 2 1/2-year-old and a 5-Month-old newborn girl. During his off time, he is often playing cards or board games with his close friends.


Apart from his normal hobbies, Matt enjoys researching old things such as artifacts and historic locations, due to the interesting stories that follow. His bucket list includes visiting old sites like the Redwood forest and the Avenue of Giants. He also enjoys various outdoor activities such as playing tennis, volleyball, and geocaching ( a form of treasure hunting based on close proximity and coordinates.)


Ntooitive’s culture is a direct result of team members with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Matt’s insatiable hunger to learn and openness to new ideas makes him a valuable part of the Ntooitive team.


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