Meet the Team: Duke Tang

As Ntooitive’s N2Hive users base began to exponentially grow, our leadership team knew we needed a top performer to help us continue to provide the standard of customer support and experience the company upholds. Duke possessed the aptitude to quickly learn new systems and workflows which was vital with a scaling user base.


Duke joined Ntooitive in January as part of our Application Team as a Product Specialist. Before joining Ntooitive Duke was heavily involved in the renewable energy sector. Through employment at Solar City and Tesla, he contributed towards the efforts of making solar energy an accessible and viable option for consumers. At Tesla, he played a key role in software support for the company involving global applications. In his previous roles, Duke has had first-hand experience in the implementation of new software for SolarCity and process documentation at Tesla. As a result, Duke carried this knowledge of ticketing systems and customer support to Ntooitive’s proprietary platform, the N2Hive.

What you may not know about Duke

Apart from being the App team’s office DJ, he enjoys playing basketball and PC building. One of his goals at Ntooitive is to coordinate the first-ever company Karaoke Night. Duke stated his favorite thing at Ntooitive by far, is the company culture, oh and Ping-Pong.

Rapid-fire Questions:

Q. What’s your favorite movie?
A. Coming to America

Q. Do you have a favorite podcast?
A. Stuff You Should Know

Q.What’s, your favorite quote
A. “If you’re gonna dance with the devil, you might as well lead”

As Ntooitive continues to grow we look for individuals like Duke who contribute to the company’s culture and productivity. Duke has directly impacted the onboarding and technology implementations for national clients alongside his application team. We look forward to the ever-growing value Duke brings to Ntooitive.

Connect with Duke on LinkedIn here