What is Connected TV?

Connected TV advertising refers to the process of serving digital video on an internet-enabled television during TV content, giving viewers an experience that’s similar to watching a traditional TV commercial.

The large-scale migration from traditional broadcast television to Connected TV streaming has presented an opportunity for brands to reach their consumers in an entirely different experience. Connected TV allows advertisers to reach customers when they are consuming long-form video content.

Through our strategic inventory partnerships, we can deliver the highest results and the full extent of reach across the CTV networks. Programmatic CTV allows us to access the immense inventory across multiple networks and sites throughout the web.

Finding The Masses

Consumers are becoming more connected on multiple devices and online services. This connectivity presents an opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach their customer base where they spend most of their time online.
CTV media content is streamed across multiple devices such as smartphones via mobile apps, Smart TV’s, Streaming Devices, and Desktops.

Premium Inventory At Scale

Here are some of our inventory networks

Our Differentiators

As early adopters into OTT/CTV, our initial exploration allowed us to partner with the largest suppliers of CTV inventory. This effort allowed us to formalize direct deals and gain access to premium inventory through multiple partners.

Where does CTV fit into the mix?

Promoting your business in today’s digital world has become more diverse as a clear product of technological advancements in the media industry with the addition of mobile, social media, and Connected TV.  Read our post “Why should Connected TV be part of your Omnichannel Marketing?" 

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