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Programmatic Audio

Programmatic Audio provides a way for advertisers to reach their customers in a familiar yet new way. Programmatic Audio offers non-skippable formats and targeting such as age, gender, location, interest, and other third-party data.

Users consume audio in many different ways from community listening, gym playlists, work soundtracks, education, and podcasts.

In Recent News:
A recent IAB study reported that podcasts revenue has reached over $300 million. “This report confirms that podcasting is an extremely viable option for advertisers, ” – Mark McCrery, CEO of Authentic and Podtrac.   “Advertisers in every category are finding great returns on their podcast advertising and it’s reflected in growing investments." – Hernan Lopez, Founder and CEO, Wondery.  Read More 

Most people and marketers don’t know just how many people are listening to on-demand streaming audio. To put it in perspective for the first six months of 2017 there were 184.3 billion on-demand audio streams which was 62% higher than the previous year.

Spotify alone reported 159 million users in 2017. Pandora still runs strong with 74.7 million users reported in 2017. These numbers solidify the opportunity that lies in streaming audio, putting programmatic audio in the major player's circle of media marketing channels.

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