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About Tony’s Market & Store Challenges

Tony’s Market has been proudly serving the Littleton, Colorado Community for over 40 years. The competitive landscape of national grocery chains moving into our space has been eroding our share of the dollar more than ever. We can’t tell if our marketing is working for us or not. Are we wasting our money? Our current strategy and partnerships are not able to put together a solid picture of what’s working for us and what’s not. In order to thrive, we need to win new shoppers in all 3 of our locations by understanding the uniqueness of each of our locations.

Our Strategy

Tony’s Meats and Market was struggling to get their message adequately in front of potential customers in rapidly growing areas around their 3 locations. Ntooitive implemented a multi-platform hyper local display and search campaign to reach pockets of the population that matched the demographics of their shopper base.

The display portion of the campaign included Facebook, Programmatic Display (cross device) and website retargeting. This allowed us to increase the brand awareness and attract new local customers to relevant weekly specials, live promotions and events throughout the month.

Tony’s marketing team and buyers were able to measure the traction by segmenting the department offers. With our ad audiences now in place for general store-level marketing, we then began to focus on specific needs of growth inside the markets. We started with weekly bakery offerings and transitioned into adding deli/prepared foods ad placements. These focused efforts inside the store have helped these departments routinely meet expectations, and in most cases, sell out of their offerings.

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The Present

In 2020, we are taking all of our successes over the past 3 years and focusing on high profit areas of the stores. We use data from past performance to inform us on current best practices as we move into each seasonal period. Learning from past performance, combined with working directly with the store product buyers, has resulted in better ROI year over year.

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New Developments

With the evolution of offline tracking technology, we are now able to do some very exciting things with audience selection and converson tracking. We now have the ability to go back 12 months and collect mobile Device IDs for people that have been at a Tony’s location. We can also do that for Tony’s nearby competitors. This represents the lowest hanging fruit of our marketing efforts, (1) shopper retention, and (2) competitor conquesting by targeting people that do the grocery shopping.

Outside of general branding/awareness, this new capability allows us to be extremely efficient with ad spend, making every creative delivery count by knowing it is being served to a grocery shopper.

Additionally, by correlating mobile Device IDs to Connected TVs in the home, we are able to serve commercials on mainstream Connected TV to further enhance the brand experience.

And finally, we are able to track the amount of people that see our programmatic ads and end up coming to the grocery store to shop. This is a huge step up from relying primarily on correlated lift in grocery store sales to determine campaign effectiveness.

Jessica Wolford

Marketing Manager

Tony’s Meats and Markets

We’ve worked with Ntooitive on our digital campaigns for the past 3 years and the benefits so far have been priceless. Previously, our Marketing Department was run by two people – a Marketing Manager and a Graphic Designer – which really limited what we could do between the two of us and the number of hours we work in a day. Since adding Ntooitive to our Marketing Mix, we’ve seen a 100,000+ increase in our reach through social media and an average 300%-500% increase in sales of items featured through our Ntooitive ads. Our campaigns are more streamlined and we’re getting the views we want through programmatic displays, geo-fencing, and targeted ads.

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