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    About Us

    With over $200,000 in media spend across multiple ad channels in the Personal Injury space, the Ntooitive team has fine-tuned a comprehensive, “wide net” approach and developed a formula for success.

    What We Do

    At Ntooitive Digital we believe in an inclusive and transparent approach to campaign management and reporting.


    Online dashboard with daily reporting updates.


    Elite Campaign Manager focusing on every minute detail.


    Client Success Manager as an extra set of eyes to support the Campaign Manager.


    Campaign performance by unique platform and tactic.


    Partnership Liaison to have high level discussions with your team.


    All Client Success Managers are former elite Campaign Managers at Ntooitive Digital.

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    Case Studies


    • Competitive market over saturated with multi-branch firms with long standing market shares and substantial traditional media budgets.
    • Qualifying leads to match the client’s specific area of expertise.


    • Defining attributes of our client’s target market.
    • Building appropriate targeting segments for programmatic delivery.
      • (In-market for legal services, etc.)
    • Identifying geographical areas to target.
      • “Geo-fencing” (serving ads within a specific defined radius) chiropractic offices, competitors law offices, auto-body shops, urgent care centers, etc.
    • Retargeting website visitors.
    • Utilizing custom creatives based on pages viewed.
    • Planned Paid Search.
      • Developing and utilizing custom keyword lists, geo-modified terms (location-based keywords, i.e. “Personal Injury Lawyer” near me), and competitor conquesting (bids on search terms or keywords directly related to a competitor). This strategy allows our ads to show when our keywords or the geo-modified terms are searched, or if a user searches for a competitor.
    • Connected TV (CTV).
      • Utilizing connected TV to reach our clients target market. Data shows that traditional cable subscriptions will be down 27% by the end of 2021, and there are now 213.7 million people using a CTV device on a monthly basis.
    • Deployed Ntooitive creative team to conduct an ON-SITE video shoot and create a 60 second CTV advertisement to be shown on platforms such as Sling, Roku, Vudu, and Crackle.


    • Attributed and proven INCREASE in Brand Awareness and positive anecdotal feedback from clients and competitors alike who have viewed our client’s CTV advertisement across multiple platforms.
    • Steady and consistent DECREASE in our overall CPC (cost-per-conversion) through month over month optimizations.
    • This drop in CPC (cost-per-conversion) has significantly LOWERED the client’s overall CPA (cost-per-acquisition) with each lead generated from the campaign and has allowed us to generate MORE qualified leads for the client based on their current budget while providing reasonably accurate projections for their increases in budget throughout the campaign.


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