Updates Streamlining Data Inquiries and E-Blast Campaign Orders       

Updates Streamlining Data Inquiries and
E-Blast Campaign Orders

Beginning Friday 1/11/2019 Proposal and Avails (Non-email) Request forms will now be combined a new singular form where both functions will be possible in one convenient location.

Most of the fields in the new condensed form will be familiar to Hive Users, but there were 3 instances where either terminology was updated or a new field was added. We will be going over those new portions to ensure an easy transition into the new form.

Product Mix:

“Product Mix” is a single select field where one of the three options will be chosen.

“To be provided…” indicates the requester will provide the products used. “Recommendation…” is selected if Ntooitive will be selecting the products used. Finally, the third option is both, meaning the requester will provide products and Ntooitive will provide feedback and suggestions for products.


Term measures the amount of months for the campaign. Because forecasts are measured in full months, the requester should select the nearest full month total for the campaign. If any additional clarification needs to be made, the form includes an “Any Additional Notes” box in which the requester may do so.

Powerpoint Deck

Finally, the requester must indicate whether or not they need a powerpoint deck. This was the main distinguishing feature between the two old forms, so by including this question we are able to combine them into one convenient form.

Insertion E-Blast Form:

We also have automated a process in the Hive used by many users. Now, when ordering an email campaign, users will no longer be required to download, fill out, then upload an E-Blast Form. Instead, the Hive will automatically generate it with information provided when the campaign is ordered. Not only will this ensure accuracy in these forms, the automation also means that a ticket will only need creatives uploaded to be ready for testing. The form is automatically added as an attachment in the Communication section, as shown here. The file naming convention is (Hive Line ID-Advertiser-ticket ID-IO-Date-CEM).

New Fields:

These new fields were added to the Custom Email Marketing product in the Hive. These fields allow all of the necessary data to be collected and produce the automatically generated Intake Form.

Number of Emails, From and Subject Lines:

Number of emails is a numerical input of the number of emails scheduled to be sent out. The From and Subject Lines are how the recipient would see the email.

Ordered By and Sales Rep:

These fields are fairly straightforward. They are text fields where a name can be input. Please be sure to always include both first name and last name.

Other Instructions:

Any information that is not appropriate for other fields may be recorded here. This is a Long Text Field, meaning that dragging the double lines in the bottom right will expand the text box to any necessary size.

Seed/Test List:

This will be a list of email addresses who can receive a copy of any E-Blast test before actual deployment. Typing an email address into any of the text boxes will automatically select the number associated with it.

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