Our Mission

To help businesses grow revenue by creating efficiency and speed through the application of technology solutions.

Born out of Tradiontal Media

Ntooitive was conceptualized out of the world of traditional media. Our team held multiple senior level positions in large publishing organizations. While there they saw first hand the limitations and inefficiencies throughout the organizations.

Traditional Media organizations needed a way to stay current and keep up with the fast pace of technology in the realm of news and media. It was this need that drove our team to develop an digital agency that understands the complexities of large traditional media companies. Thus Ntooitive was born.

A Passion For Fixing Inefficiencies

Bringing digital revenue to traditional media through digital marketing proved to be a successful path, but there were still issues. Sales reps in these organizations are selling digital & print media left and right creating extensive workloads of administrative work. We sought out to fix this by analyzing the sales process from top to bottom and figuring out ways to automate and streamline the process. By tackling this inefficiency that existed in sales departments Ntooitive developed the N2Hive an end-to-end sales automation tool that eliminated time-consuming administrative tasks for sales teams.

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