How to Strategically Leverage Technology Within your Restaurant’s Marketing Budget in 2020

Last month, our co-founder and CEO Ryan Christiansen was quoted in an article for PMQ Pizza Magazine titled, Marketing Your Pizza Restaurant in a Digital World.

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From fast-food chains all the way to Michelin-starred eateries, competition in the restaurant sector is fierce. Leveraging digital marketing strategies can help reduce cash flow uncertainty and grow revenue in your restaurant business. So how can your brand successfully, and cost effectively, convert first-time customers into weekly regulars? Here are a few essential strategies to consider.

Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital world, anyone can be a food critic. For restaurant operators, automated email-review technology can screen for useful, quality reviews and simultaneously help avoid rants and raves that can skew your restaurant’s ratings. Brand marketers can cost-effectively implement this sophisticated software to evaluate several objective data points, building a pipeline for positive reviews to be uploaded instantly to your website or manually submitted to review sites like Yelp, OpenTable or TripAdvisor. For negative reviews from unhappy customers, this software gives operators the chance to come up with a resolution plan and remedy the situation before everyone else hears about it!

Attribution Modeling

Another incredibly important tactic is the usage of multi-touch attribution technology to measure the cross-channel consumer journey in real-time. With how many cellphones are in the pockets of consumers today, restaurant marketers can serve up targeted ads, capture mobile device IDs, and gain a granular understanding of how channels are performing on a daily basis in order to drive conversions. Multi-touch attribution can help inform your creative ideas and messaging with actionable insight, enabling you to quickly adjust, optimize and improve your media investments.


Omnichannel Loyalty Programs

Lastly, if a portion of your marketing dollars aren’t going towards calculating, understanding, and increasing customer lifetime value – it can put you behind your competitors. This metric tells you how well you are resonating with your audience, what you are doing right and how you can improve. Utilizing this data also helps you target offers based on past consumption. Have a customer who orders the traditional spaghetti bolognese from your restaurant every Tuesday? There are unique ways to target these customers with offers and discounts to increase visits, retain their business, and influence them to buy more of your product.

About Ryan Christiansen

Ryan Christiansen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ntooitive. Prior to starting Ntooitive, Christiansen held senior management positions in media and digital companies including Vice President Digital Media at Stephens Media in Las Vegas, Nevada; Regional Director of Digital Sales & Marketing at Digital First Media (AdTaxi Networks/The Denver Post) in Denver, Colorado; and Local Sales Manager at The Denver Post. Christiansen was named Editor and Publisher’s TOP 25 UNDER 35. He has a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Northern Colorado, with an emphasis in PR and Advertising.