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In marketing, housing ads are a protected class: a place of inclusivity that must treat all ages with parity under federal civil rights laws. These parameters work in tandem with existing geo restrictions for housing marketing and apply to all social media platforms such as: Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. The client found themselves uncertain about how they could manage connecting with their desired student audience while remaining within protected class parameters.


Ntooitive Digital strategized how to reach the younger audience within geo specifications. Knowing that the targeted age group, Gen Z students, would be best approached through social media, Ntooitive began running ads on Instagram stories, Snapchat, and TikTok. With a tandem approach with the creative team, we were able to bind the messaging to the target audience, without excluding the older audience, thus staying within protected class parameters. This strategy is best achieved through Instagram Stories/Reels , Snapchat, and TikTok presence. 

Knowing that 60% of our target audience is on Instagram already, we leveraged those ads on Stories, directly reaching them for two weeks at a time, staying active across multiple ‘Zoomer’ centric mediums. As there is a similar audience on TikTok, we began our campaigns on two week flights with similar targeting strategies.

We instantly boosted CTR by 121% in the first three months. We leveraged similar creatives and targeting into Snapchat with an awareness tactic in mind. From there we increased CTR by an additional 33% month-over-month compared to TikTok. 


Snapchat CTR
7 Million+
By taking advantage of social media ads, the client is able to
  • Connect with the desired Gen Z audience through Stories and Reels.
  • Operate around 30 properties on a monthly basis.
  • Stay within the parameters of best practices in housing marketing.
  • Bolster their brand awareness.
  • Target the desired clientele within a specific radius.
About the Client
  • Real Estate Agency.
  • $1,500/month budget.
  • Large Scale Apartment From Luxury to mid-level apartments.
  • Leased Typically on a semester basis (Fall/Spring).
Project Highlights
  • In the first three months, CTR was increased by 121% .
  • After the TikTok rollout, CTR was increased by an additional 33% month over month.
  • Per quarter, the client now contributes to over 7 Million impressions.
  • The resulting ads generate on average 60,000+ clicks, quarterly.

Yielding progressive results with
agile methodology

  • Pre Campaign Launch
    Week 1
    Discovery Call, Generate Avails, KPI Defining
  • Pre Campaign Launch
    Week 2
    Initial asset generation, Ad mock-ups created, Campaign and Attribution Set up
  • Campaign Launch
    Week 1
    Initial set up of campaign
  • Campaign Launch
    Week 2
    Identify opportunities and optimize towards KPIs
  • Campaign Launch
    Week 3
    Measure results
  • Repeat
    Week 4
    Provide monthly report with performance notes and recommendations

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