Data Virtualization

Data should help businesses not confuse them. The Ntelligence Cloud puts the power of data in your hands with easy to understand dashboards and custom reporting.

Through data virtualization, businesses can access and combine data from various sources to gain a comprehensive, unified perspective. This means that companies no longer have to manually manage and integrate different datasets from disparate systems – instead, data virtualization can automatically build up an integrated view of the data without any additional input or manual effort.

At Ntooitive, we leverage this power of data virtualization to provide our customers with real-time insights into their business operations. Our team of experienced professionals use serverless computing and cloud-native technologies to create optimized architectures for data integration and analytics. This ensures that businesses not only get the most out of their existing datasets but also find new ways to make decisions based on them.

Data virtualization enables businesses to quickly query their datasets in order to extract valuable insights without having to wait for complex ETL processes that can take days or weeks. It also eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments as companies are now able to perform sophisticated data analysis on cloud-based platforms such as AWS or Azure with minimal setup costs. Furthermore, since the data is stored in a unified view, it’s much easier for businesses to identify correlations between different datasets and make better decisions both quicker and more accurately.

Data Virtualization

At Ntooitive, we take special care when building our data architectures so that they are secure and compliant with industry standards in order to ensure maximum safety when dealing with sensitive customer information. Additionally, our team has extensive experience designing automated solutions that enable businesses to keep track of changes made within their databases in order to identify any potential issues quickly before they become a major problem.

By leveraging the power of data virtualization combined with our team’s expertise – you can get more value out of your existing datasets while gaining valuable insights into your customer behavior and operations! Reach out now and let us show you how we can use advanced big data solutions and technologies like cloud architectures for smarter decision-making today!

Agile data management for a dynamic world

  • Project
    2 weeks
  • Environment,
    DMP and Cloud
    3 weeks
  • Data Collection
    3 weeks
  • Data Preparation,
    Analysis and
    3 – 5 weeks
  • Dashboard
    2 – 3 weeks
  • Training
    2 weeks
  • Monitoring and

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