Data Warehouse

Data should help businesses not confuse them. The Ntelligence Cloud puts the power of data in your hands with easy to understand dashboards and custom reporting.

Organizations are utilizing data warehouses more and more to gain greater insight into their activities, customer behaviors and how they can develop winning market strategies. At Ntooitive, we leverage the power of data warehouses to help our customers get the most out of their existing datasets.

Our data team specializes in designing optimized architectures for big data management and analytics, utilizing cloud-based technologies such as AWS or Azure. Using these technologies, businesses can store large amounts of data in a completely secure and cost-effective way, while leveraging the advanced capabilities of big data solutions such as real-time insights into customer behavior and predictive analytics.

A major benefit of using a data warehouse over traditional databases is that it enables businesses to pull data from multiple sources and consolidate it into a single view – eliminating the need for manual integration or complex ETL processes. This allows companies to quickly identify correlations between different datasets that can give them valuable insights into their operations, without having to wait for long periods of time for analysis. Additionally, since the data is stored in a unified view on cloud-based platforms, this allows businesses to take full advantage of cost effective analytics and search capabilities while maintaining complete control over their environments.


At Ntooitive, we monitor our customers’ system performance daily so they can rest assured knowing they’ve got an experienced team watching out for any potential issues in order to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. We also take special care when building our data architectures so that they are secure and compliant with industry standards in order to ensure maximum safety when dealing with sensitive customer information.

Additionally, we also have extensive experience designing automated solutions that enable businesses to keep track of changes made within their databases in order to identify any potential issues quickly before they become a major problem.

By leveraging the power of data warehouses combined with our team’s expertise – you can get more value out of your existing datasets while gaining valuable insights into your customer behavior and operations! Reach out now and let us show you how we can use advanced big data solutions and technologies like cloud architectures for smarter decision-making today!

Agile data management for a dynamic world

  • Project
    2 weeks
  • Environment,
    DMP and Cloud
    3 weeks
  • Data Collection
    3 weeks
  • Data Preparation,
    Analysis and
    3 – 5 weeks
  • Dashboard
    2 – 3 weeks
  • Training
    2 weeks
  • Monitoring and

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