Data Lakes

Data should help businesses not confuse them. The Ntelligence Cloud puts the power of data in your hands with easy to understand dashboards and custom reporting.

Data lakes are an invaluable asset for data management and analysis. Companies can harness the power of data lakes to store massive amounts of raw data in an organized fashion, allowing them to easily search through vast volumes of data and identify valuable insights that can be used to give them a competitive edge.

At Ntooitive, we leverage the power of data lakes to give businesses insights into their customers and operations. Our team of experienced professionals helps you build a secure data lake architecture with optimal storage structures and access controls while also setting up processes for collecting, processing, analyzing, integrating, storing and sharing your data as needed.

The key benefits of using data lakes include greater scalability and flexibility when compared to traditional databases. Data lakes can store much larger amounts of data than traditional databases since they often contain unstructured or semi-structured datasets from numerous sources. Furthermore, creating custom analytics on top of these sources is much easier due to the open-source nature of many data lake platforms.

Data Platform

Using our services, you’ll have access to various cloud-based tools that make big data management simpler than ever before. Additionally, with business intelligence, businesses can automatically discover valuable relationships within their datasets that weren’t previously known – allowing them to make decisions based on accurate predictions rather than guesswork.

Our team is also experienced in helping businesses migrate their existing databases into cloud-based platforms like AWS or Azure – this allows them to take full advantage of cost-effective analytics, search capabilities and other services offered by the providers while maintaining complete control over their environments without worrying about vendor lock-in scenarios. Moreover, we monitor your system performance daily so you can rest assured knowing you’ve got an experienced eye watching out for any potential issues in order to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

By leveraging the power of data lakes and our team’s expertise in designing efficient infrastructures for big data management – you can get more value out of your existing datasets while gaining valuable insights into your customer behavior and operations! Reach out now and let us show you how we can use advanced big-data solutions to grow your business today!

Agile data management for a dynamic world

  • Project
    2 weeks
  • Environment,
    DMP and Cloud
    3 weeks
  • Data Collection
    3 weeks
  • Data Preparation,
    Analysis and
    3 – 5 weeks
  • Dashboard
    2 – 3 weeks
  • Training
    2 weeks
  • Monitoring and

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