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Marketing and Patient Health Information

Healthcare practices and establishments hold highly sensitive information regarding their patients, vendors, and staff. This information must be carefully utilized in all cases, especially marketing. We cover all ends of compliance and data security.

Choose Ntooitive as Your Trusted Partner

We take data security very seriously, from collection and sharing to targeting and delivery. We comply with the highest industry security standards.

Our team performs audits and maintains our certifications across the board for all our technologies and services involved with our digital agency offerings. We have the right standards and protocols in place to be GDPR compliant every step of the way.

What We Offer

Ntooitive has dedicated team members who are experts in creating solutions to help you increase your customer reach. Our team offers services from start to finish, providing digital services in both marketing and infrastructure.

  • Creative Design
  • Marketing Fulfillment
  • Digital Agency Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence

Strategies That Work

The unique healthcare landscape requires unique marketing strategies. Our team has formulated the ingredients needed for results-driven campaigns.

Each campaign we fulfill is carefully set up from the start to achieve specific goals and conversions.

Once we determine what your goals are, our team selects the best marketing channels, sets the right conversions, and designs creatives specific to your needs.

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