N2hive Sales Automation

Efficiency from the Start

The N2Hive is designed to streamline your sales process and that process for most-starts with the proposal. Some organization may call it a quote or estimate. The N2Hive makes it simple to download a client-facing proposal in just a few minutes.

Creating Business Intelligence

A byproduct of a centralized location for your sales process is business intelligence. All data in the N2Hive is usable such as sales team performance, revenue, pipeline, top products, etc. Executive management can quickly analyze profit and loss and find opportunities within each revenue stream efficiently. Sales managers can easily determine their team's performance down to individual reps.

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Designed for the Sales Cycle

The N2hive was created to bring automation and efficiency to each stage in the sales process regardless of company, products, or industry. Each module created in the platform is designed to create efficiency around critical processes in the sales process.