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Automate Your Sales & Operations Workflows

How It

Through machine learning and automation, the N2Hive is an AI-driven sales enablement and revenue operations platform that gives B2B/C organizations greater control of their sales, marketing, and customer acquisition teams. Harvest and analyze a 360-degree view of every customer and every deal, every day.

Modular, Personalized, Impactful, and Collaborative — All Within N2Hive

The N2Hive's modular framework allows businesses to customize each aspect of the platform to fit your exact needs. No more wasted features and spending on a tool that does only 20% of what your business needs. Forget sticky notes and spreadsheets. Make better decisions with a tool that does everything your business needs to be connected, efficient, and predictable.





Forms &

Business Intelligence


By connecting sales and operational workflows seamlessly with the N2Hive, we are able to provide executive management teams with business intelligence that helps empower smarter, more efficient decision-making processes.

No coding required and built with drag-and-drop simplicity in mind. Easily audit deal inventory and continually forecast where you’ll end the quarter to keep your business on track.

Get the Answers You Need To Win More Deals — Faster

Dig deeper into rep performance, deal status, and pipeline forecasts. Manage order queues, create proposals, and communicate with Marketing and Operations all in one place. Boost productivity through vendor routing and communication shells to make your entire team more effective at closing deals and driving growth.

Companies Using The N2Hive

Companies large and small trust and use the N2Hive to streamline their sales and operations workflows throughout their organization. Here some names you may know.

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