5 Reasons You Should Consider Programmatic Audio in Your Next Campaign

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Programmatic audio is the new shiny object in the digital marketing landscape and for good reason. Advertisers are finding audio to be a whole new way to incorporate their branding and message through this form of media. In this short post, we share our thoughts and 5 reasons you should consider programmatic audio in your next campaign.

People are Listening

Most people and marketers don’t know just how many people are listening to on-demand streaming audio. To put in perspective for the first six months of 2017 there were 184.3 Billion on-demand audio streams which was 62% higher than the previous year. Spotify alone reported 159 million users in 2017. Pandora still runs strong with 74.7 Million users reported in 2017. These numbers solidify the opportunity that lies in streaming audio putting programmatic audio in the major player’s circle of media marketing channels.

Friends on Phone

Streaming Audio is Mobile First

Year over Year statistics shows that listeners prefer to consume their streamed audio on-the-go with over 32 Million Spotify users and 44 Million Apple Music users streaming via smartphones. Mobile-only users account for 55% of all Spotify listeners and 84% of Pandora listeners. These statistics should encourage advertisers to use programmatic audio in their local market advertising by running campaigns focused on bringing listeners to the storefront and boosting foot traffic.

Podcast Popularity

I’m sure you’re aware of the growing community around podcasts. Music streaming is not the only reason for companies to consider programmatic audio advertising. Podcasts span a wide range of topics and genres such as comedy, storytelling, political, social cause, business, and educational. These segments create the opportunity to reach listeners with genuine interest and often seeking products and services related to their preferred podcasts types.
In 2017 it was reported 67 Million people (24% of the U.S. Population) listen to podcasts monthly.

Programmatic Audio Reinforces Visual Creatives

As I said previously, today’s listeners are on-the-go. What this means is they are engaged in activities where they are often not looking directly at their screen. Some activities include exercising, working in the office, walking, and of course driving. Programmatic Audio allows advertisers to maintain reach with their target audience beyond the screen and reinforce their messaging. If you understand a buyers journey then you understand the “Rule of Seven” or a variant of the rule that states a buyer should see your message or creative at least seven times before buying from you. Programmatic audio allows you to do just that, by delivering another touch point to reach consumers on one of the most engaging media channels.

Big Players are Joining the Team

The rise in popularity of streaming audio and the revenue opportunities available for advertisers has gained some attention from the big players in the audio industry. One by one, major companies are opening their doors to allowing inventory to be sold programmatically by partnering with best networks and DSPs in the advertising business. These businesses include well-known companies like The Trade Desk, Triton Digital, Media Math, and AdsWizz. What this means is more and more inventory will become available to advertisers increasing user reach. Programmatic brings the capabilities such as targeting, bid management, and optimization you’ve come to know into the streaming audio space.

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