Let’s hear it for Nevada! A Recap from Ntooitive’s Business Luncheon

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  • watch_later November 24th, 2021

At Ntooitive, our mission has always been to help businesses grow revenue through the application of technology solutions. We service companies around the country, yet it’s no secret that we are especially passionate about our Nevada business community.

This could be because the companies in Nevada are something to be passionate about! For example, this year’s Inc. 5000 listing featured a healthy amount of Silver State companies – 39 to be exact.

From 2021 alone, Nevada’s 39 Inc. 5000 honorees collectively generated $634.7 million in total revenue and created 1,191 jobs. These landmark gains would be commendable during any regular period in history, but against the backdrop of the pandemic, they stood out as an impressive feat. This collective success against insurmountable odds seemed like an occasion worth celebrating!

It was this thinking that led us to throw a Business Leaders Luncheon.

The plan? Connect like-minded business leaders from Nevada’s fastest growing companies to meet, connect, and reflect on the past 18+ months. The date? November 5th, 2021. The results? A luncheon rife with reflection, perspective, and ideation.

Inc 5000 Business Leaders Luncheon Invitation image
Inc. 5000 Business Leaders Luncheon Invitation Image2

Hosted by our friends at Fleming’s, the luncheon began in earnest with opening remarks from Ntooitive Co-Founders Ryan Christiansen and Vikas Khorana. Congratulations were in order, as all attendees had achieved a memorable milestone in an ever-changing business landscape.

It quickly became clear that what brought these businesses to the forefront was their ability to adapt and evolve to the aforementioned landscape.

After opening remarks, the floor was opened for attendees to share their story, their company’s specializations, and their plans for extending future growth.

Participants were given the opportunity to think on the ways in which their businesses had evolved within the past 18+ months. They were prompted to especially examine the ways their organizations catered to personal holistic well-being during the pandemic for themselves and their employees.

There was mention of strategies that were successful; there was also mention of moments that were more fruitful as learning opportunities. Through this sharing, the room was able to conjure up the strategies that paved the way for a successful year — what succeeded, what failed, and what failures paved the way for future successes.

At the end of the day, Ntooitive’s luncheon allowed us to foster new connections, set a groundwork for deep reflection, and inform the ways we do business from a holistic standpoint.

If anything, in a time of physical separation, it felt great to have the Nevada business community back together!

Thank you to our attendees Talor Zamir, Founder of Peak Performance Life; Andrew Schydlowsky, Founder and CEO of TrackStreet; Mike Ballard, Managing Partner of Ascent Multifamily Accounting; President Paul Sallach and Administrative Director Mary Alice Rasmuson of All In Aviation; and District Manager Nir Taube and Partner Dave Mishal of Karma and Luck.

You gave us a disruptive luncheon of ideation, reflection, and introspection. Here’s to the next one!

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