A Key Piece of Advice to Help New Tech Leaders Master Delegation in 2020: Trust

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Tech execs new to leadership roles often struggle with delegation—they sometimes think it takes too much of their time, but there’s a big upside to this process, especially for new tech execs. Despite how difficult it may be, you’ll accomplish more as a group than you could have ever accomplished alone.

How can new tech leaders learn how to delegate the right tasks to the right team members? Here’s some insight into how the entrepreneurial-minded tech leaders of today can strike the right balance.

The #1 rule when it comes to delegating: Surround yourself with the right people.

Prioritize tasks to those with the requisite background and experience. But remember: Also prioritize attitude and work ethic. Whatever the outcome, always follow up with feedback so your team learns the necessary skills to complete tasks as well as (or better than) you could. Effective delegation is built on a foundation of trust. Don’t micromanage. Trust. You’ll convey confidence in your team.

Establishing this form of leadership pays off in spades as teams tackle tasks or projects with accountability and urgency. Leadership rooted in trust creates a sense of ownership within each team member as they lead or support their projects.

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About Vikas Khorana

Vikas Khorana

Vikas Khorana is co-founder and chief technology officer at Ntooitive leading all technology initiatives and implementations. Prior to Ntooitive, Mr. Khorana held a variety of senior engineering positions with Stephens Media in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has also worked at Cyberworld Inc. and Satyam Infoway. Mr. Khorana was named Editor and Publisher’s TOP 25 UNDER 35. He has a bachelor of engineering degree in computer science.

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