Q and A: Ntooitive’s Co-Founder and CTO Talks Leadership and Mindset

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  • watch_later April 22nd, 2020

As Ntooitive’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Vikas Khorana has been instrumental in the development and innovation of Ntooitive’s AI-powered business intelligence platforms. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his management philosophy and mindset:

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How do you decide when it’s time to shake up the status quo?
Being an entrepreneur and co-founder of a budding technology company means regularly challenging the status quo and focusing on what we as a company can do differently, better, and ahead of the competition. At Ntooitive, we foster an environment that focuses on bold steps to build our brand’s reputation. This includes hiring talented go-getters (some with no specific industry experience), showcasing our brand as something more than a collection of products, cultivating a team of supporters and leaders instead of only salespeople, and constantly exposing ourselves to new ideas. From marketing and sales to research and development, our goal is to be a leader in everything we do. You can’t be afraid to speak up and go against the status quo to chase your dreams. 

How do you maintain calm when something unexpected happens? 
Software service companies are faced with new sets of challenges every day. In order to keep your eye on the prize, you must be prepared for surprises and unexpected events. Life is full of them! Change is a part of life and business, but the key to managing it all is your attitude. If you get agitated and lose composure when surprises enter your life, you might miss out on a learning opportunity. Confronting a negative or unexpected event can awaken inner strength, willpower, and self-discipline, which can lead to success and progress.

How do you establish and maintain work-life harmony?
One of the best ways to maintain work-life harmony is by prioritizing your relationships, both with your family and your clients. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Strong relationships are essential to business and career success as they have the power to shape us. It’s important to actively build and nurture these relationships, as they can set you up for a trusting and lifelong connection. Human virtues such as humility, honesty, patience, and integrity are all qualities that, together, can help your personal and professional relationships grow and thrive. 

Vikas Khorana

About Vikas Khorana

Vikas Khorana is co-founder and chief technology officer at Ntooitive leading all technology initiatives and implementations. Prior to Ntooitive, Mr. Khorana held a variety of senior engineering positions with Stephens Media in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has also worked at Cyberworld Inc. and Satyam Infoway. Mr. Khorana was named Editor and Publisher’s TOP 25 UNDER 35. He has a bachelor of engineering degree in computer science.


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