November 2022 Newsletter

Three years ago, we did something pretty cool. We had no idea what it meant to be an Inc. 5000 company. And little did we know that our humble beginnings would later result in becoming one of the fastest-growing private companies the U.S. and at the top of the list in the state of Nevada.

Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying, “Half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from non-successful ones is pure perseverance." So through the ups and the downs, through the good times and bad, we’ve learned it’s important to celebrate every win, always be learning, improve daily, and play the long game.

When we reflect on our journey, we’ve learned that everyone wants to feel a part of something greater than themselves. Bootstrapping a startup wasn’t easy. We made mistakes. But in the pursuit of building better business tech solutions that are trusted by leading companies, those mistakes propelled us to constantly push the boundaries of developing marketing technology that’s second to none.

We share this story to inspire you to do the same, and never give up. Thanks to all our team members, clients, and supporters for your fantastic dedication and passion for what we do.

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