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Before designing or sending us HTML artwork, please follow these basic principles:

  • Keep the width at around 600 pixels (600 is the golden standard width).
  • Use inline CSS styles instead of in the section (CSS in the head is secondary).
  • Text hyperlink color variety limit is 2, ideally 1.
  • Do not use DIVs, use TABLES (Divs are not widely supported).
  • Do not use image maps, VML, nor background images.
  • Use animated .GIF images at your own risk, as they are not supported on Outlook.
  • Images file sizes should be as small as possible, so it loads quickly. Total size of all images combined should not exceed 300K. (try to be around 200k or less).
  • Use web safe fonts like Arial, Verdana, Serif (See complete list).
  • Do not use conditional logic tags e.g.

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