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Snapchat Creative Specs

Full Screen Ads

Additional Notes

  • To prevent overlap with the following elements, Snapchat suggests avoiding placement of logos or other graphic elements within 150px of the top and bottom of creative.
  • An “AD” slug is added by Snapchat and appears on the lower right corner of the Snap Ad.
  • A call-to-action and caret is applied by Snapchat to bottom center of creative for Snap Ads with attachments.

Photo to Video Image Requirements

The image will be converted into a video of 5 second duration.

  • Image format: PNG or JPEG
  • Minimum image size: 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Required Image Ratio: 9:16
  • Maximum file size: 5MB


  • Brand Name and Headline must be added.
  • Brand Name must match the paying advertiser whose products or services are being advertised.
  • Full screen and vertically formatted.
  • Approved for viewing by a 13+ audience.
  • If featuring your Sponsored Creative Tool, the ad must include persistent branding and a graphic text overlay with actionable message, such as, “Unlock Lens” or a campaign tagline.
  • Advertiser-supplied brand name and headline for Snap Ads running in between User Stories and in Our Stories.

* Client is responsible for obtaining appropriate licensing rights for fonts, emojis, and creative tools.

  • Letterboxing (i.e. plain colored rectangle boxes without graphics, animation or text located on the top and bottom of creative) for majority of the ad and/or majority of the screen.
  • Directional graphics that encourage swipe up on Snap Ads with attachments (i.e. arrows, carets, etc.).
  • Use or promotion of Snapchat usernames (or accounts) and Snap-owned trademarks or products, except in the context of promoting a Snapchat account (i.e. “Follow @advertiseraccount on Snapchat” or “Add us on Snapchat”).
  • On-screen text or graphic CTAs that use the word Unlock, unless tied to a Snapchat creative tool (i.e. lens, filter, sticker pack).
  • Use or promotion of Snapcodes.
  • Altering of Snap trademarks, including the Snapchat app icon. All uses of Snap’s trademarks must comply with Snap’s Brand Guidelines.
  • Falsely implying or suggesting any partnership or endorsement by Snap
  • “Swipe Up” “Screenshot” or “Share” text / graphic copy are allowed only if they are static and do not dominate the creative.
  • Single visual indicators / arrows (i.e. directional emojis) are allowed only if they are static and do not dominate the creative.
  • Inclusion of Snapchat UI elements or organic Snap features (restriction does not include native text bar, doodles, Helvetica font* or emojis*) *Client is responsible for obtaining licensing rights for fonts, emojis, and creative tools.
  • Emulating Publisher content to mislead users.
  • Altering of Snap trademarks, including the Snapchat app icon. All uses of Snap’s trademarks must comply with Snap’s Brand Guidelines
  • Ads that: have little or no correlation between Top Snap and landing page, use overly sensationalized language or make unverifiable claims, and/or use deceptive copy or imagery to incentivize a user to swipe up.
Brand Name and Headline Placement
  • Brand name: Up to 25 characters with spaces (i.e. company name, movie title, etc.).
  • Headline: Up to 34 characters with spaces (i.e. product name, campaign slogan/tagline, tune-in date, etc.).
    • Please Note: The Brand Name must reflect the paying advertiser and cannot be the same as your Headline. Emojis are not permitted in either field.

Snap Filter Specs


  • Canvas: Filter design must be a 1080 by 2340 pixel image.
  • File Size: 300KB or less.
  • File Format: PNG asset with a transparent background. Save your Filter from the File menu using ‘Save>Save for Web (Legacy)’ and select the ‘PNG-24’ preset from the drop down menu.


  • Graphics that feature gambling or lottery material are not permitted.
  • Please see our Submission Guidelines for more information.
Creative Recommendations:
  • Remember to leave enough blank space in the design so Snapchatters can see their image or video content behind the design. We suggest you only use the top and (or) bottom 25% of the screen.
  • Filters should be artistic, not photographic. Photo realistic imagery is not recommended.
  • Be creative and make it visually compelling. Make something that Snapchat users will want to send to their friends.

Please Note: For all Filter creatives, please account for a 210 px buffer zone at the top and bottom of the canvas to accommodate for smaller phones! Therefore, no important messaging, logos, or legal disclaimers should be in the buffer zone.

Story Ads


  • 993 px x 284 px provided as a .png on transparent background (asset should be formatted to fit the full height or width (whichever it hits first) of a box 284 px tall and 993 px wide with no padding


  • One (1) high-quality image that is 360 px x 600 px, provided as an up to 2 MB .png file

Please account for a 175 px ‘buffer zone’ at the top of the image (Please Note: This is to ensure your logo does not conflict with any important image elements on the vertical Tile)

Title of Story:

  • Up to 55 characters with spaces (provided as text)

*Text may not appear within the supplied Tile image.
Note: If background color of Tile is white, Snapchat recommends adding a gradient shade towards the bottom of the image to ensure the headline that is affixed pops against the background.

Please Note: Snapchat lays out Tile design with elements provided at the time of campaign flighting.

Story Asset Deliverables 

Snap Ads

  • 3-20 ‘chapterized’ Snap Ads provided as separate files for flighting*
    • Each Snap Ad can be up to 10 seconds for a total of up to 200 seconds
  • Attachments (if running on Snap Ads in the Story Ad)*
  • Brand Name: Up to 25 characters with spaces
  • Headline: Up to 34 characters with spaces

*Article Attachments are not supported. Snap Ad Creative Guidelines apply for each Snap and Attachment (if applicable), with the exception of required visible branding on each Snap. Story Ad content (Tile and Snap Ads) must comply with Snapchat’s Advertising Policies. 


Tile Asset:

  • Clickbait or distasteful messaging in title of the Story Ad (i.e. a headline that is not truthful to the content featured in the Story, shocking, offensive, or overly-provocative messaging)
  • Tile Headlines that are all capital letters or all emojis
  • Imagery that is of poor resolution
  • Text graphic overlay on Tile image
Note: Text appearing on products within the image or on any signage within the image (i.e. Street
signs or artwork on a wall, etc.) is permitted
• Snapchat recommends that any permitted text within the image not conflict with logo or
headline overlay; Advertisers should adhere to a 175px buffer zone at the top and bottom
of the Tile image to avoid potential overlap

Story Assets

Tile Asset:

  • Ensure your brand logo pops on the image – take advantage of the full logo space available by separating your logo into two lines if necessary to fill the maximum allotted space
  • Create a curiosity gap or sense of urgency with your Story title
  • Keep copy clear, concise, and honest
  • When it works, tease utility, novelty, and relevance with your Story title

Story Assets:

  • Your Story Ad is a branded content experience; Create a narrative users will want to watch and engage with
  • Ensure Snap Ads viewed in succession tell a cohesive story
  • Pace and movement are key; Snap Ads should have personality, energy, movement, and be quick-hitting
  • Avoid using your 1st Snap Ad in the Story Ad as an introduction; Drop right into action, as your Tile acts as the viewer’s introduction to the story

Please Note: The more your brand engages the Snapchat audience across the Snap Ads, the more earned impressions your brand receives.

Additionally, Story Ad Tiles are delivered in a dynamic feed that provides a personalized experience to each user.

Source: https://businesshelp.snapchat.com

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