Video Advertising: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

Video Specs

Supported Video Length: 15 seconds · 30 seconds · 60 seconds

  • Video Length Video must be less than or equal to requested duration (e.g., we can bid on a 15-second request with a 10-second video.)

Video Dimensions: 400×225 · 400×300 · 480×360 · 640×360 · 1920×1080

  • All Ntooitive-hosted videos will be scaled to fit the player size on the screen

Notes Regarding Video Dimensions

  • Google only supports: 480×360, 640×360, and 1920×1080
  • If Ntooitive is hosting the video, we will automatically encode any 400×225 and 400×300 video ads to fit Google’s size requirements by adding letterboxes.
  • If you are using a 3rd-party tag, you will need to use the Google approved ad formats if you want to run on Google.

Supported Companion Ads: 300×250 · 300×60 (necessary for YouTube TrueView)

  • Only standard image files are accepted.

Video Placement: Pre-Roll (This represents the majority of RTB inventory) · Mid-Roll · Post-Roll

Recommended Aspect Ratios: 4:3 · 5:2 · 16:9

  • If Ntooitive is hosting, we will encode and automate to the correct size

Ntooitive-Hosted Video Specs

If Ntooitive is hosting the video, the specs are as follows:

  • Supported File Types: MP4, WebM, MOV, WMV, MPG, MPEG
  • Supported File Size: Maximum is 60 MB. Ntooitive will encode the video down to a workable file size (2 to 5 MB).

Third-Party Video Tags Specs

Supported Tag Type: VAST 2.0

  • In order to be accepted by the exchanges, this tag must include the following files:
    • H.264 (MP4)
    • Other formats may be included but will not be used
    • WebM is recommended, but not required
    • VPAID is not supported

Supported File Size

  • Recommended is 1 MB. Maximum is 10 MB.

Other Specifications

  • Creative images must be clear, recognizable, and relevant; text appearing in the ad must be legible
  • Creatives cannot appear sideways or upside down

Prohibited Characteristics

Advertisements may not involve the following:

  • Promote online gambling, including paid, free, or gateway to paid gambling. Brick and mortar gambling is acceptable.
  • Depict or deliver libelous, violent, tasteless, hate, defamatory, or illegal content.
  • Portray partial or complete nudity, pornography, and/or adult themes and obscene content.
  • Spawn pop-ups, simulate clicks, or contain malicious code, viruses, or executable files of any kind.
  • Deliver surveys via floating layers, pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • Contain explicit language, spelling mistakes, or simulated expletives (e.g., #$%!)

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