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IP targeting is a digital marketing method in which website visitors are tracked based on location-specific data by use of IP addresses allowing advertisers to provide more personalized advertising content. Every device connected to network holds a unique IP address that can specify a physical location. Direct Mail user databases, normally stored in CRM’s and campaign management platforms, provide another route to obtain targeting data by matching physical address to IP addresses with extreme precision and industry-leading accuracy. Technological advancements in IPv6 technology adds more granularity to audience targeting. Advertisers are capable of targeting not only regions, but also households, complexes, business parks, and specific neighborhoods through use of IP targeting. This type of tactic is especially useful when targeting highly specific user profiles in B2C campaigns. Entire business infrastructures can also be targeted giving leverage to advertisers with B2B services or products. Taking IP targeting to the next level is possible by adding the benefits of hyper-local mobile targeting. Imagine for a second, a consumer visits a the proximity of competitors location and they are served relevant content. This interaction with mobile users gives IP targeting attribution allowing for advertisers to continually tailor their messages to the consumer’s needs and behavior. The IP Targeting Influx This new use of an otherwise overlooked technology is exciting the masses of businesses and advertisers with its powerful consumer targeting uses. uses. The ability to pinpoint marketing messaging and reinforce traditional messaging alongside digital platforms gives this targeting ability a unique way to separate from the competition and build brand affinity and recognition. IP Targeting has become far more effective for advertisers looking to reduce their loss impressions and improve quality of traffic, and lower acquisition cost. Ntooitive brings IP targeting to a whole new level by using IP Targeting to place your remarketing campaigns into hyperdrive multiplying the reach of your standard retargeting practices. We utilize IP Targeting to target all devices in the household or office space increasing visibility and reach. Benefits beyond the Impression The utilization of the data collected through IP Targeting is very effective in marketing channels not associated with programmatic practices. SEO, for example, can be optimized by gathering smarter data point related to your audience through IP targeting and user behavior tracking. Content throughout your site becomes increasingly relatable and therefore far more discoverable to your growing consumer base. Incorporating the use of IP targeting technology seamlessly with other digital marketing channels provides publishers and advertisers with a way to deliver higher performing native to content to their audience. Traditional targeting is heavily reliant on cookies for profiling and categorizing users. By utilizing online and offline verified data points, which prequalify the user’s devices and validates IP addresses by attaching them to user behavior, we can extensively monitor IP addresses and exclude non-human bot traffic from our databases resulting in increased conversion rates for your business. Want to know more about IP Targeting? Contact Us

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