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What is IP Targeting

IP targeting is the practice of tracking online users based on location-specific data. IP addresses allow advertisers to provide more personalized advertising content.  Every computer holds a unique IP address that specifies its physical location. This address can be used to target users down to a household level.

Technological advancements in IPv6 technology adds more granularity to audience targeting. Advertisers are capable of targeting not only regions, but also households, complexes,  business parks, and specific neighborhoods through use of IP targeting. This type of targeting is especially useful when targeting highly specific user profiles in B2C campaigns. Business infrastructures can also be targeted by giving leverage to advertisers with B2B services or products.

The IP Targeting Influx

This overlooked technology is making waves in the advertising industry exciting the masses of businesses and advertisers with its powerful consumer targeting uses. For example, email marketing normally consisting of broader message creatives can now be fine-tuned to promote relative content, products, and services. In that same respect, programmatic display advertising has become far more effective for advertisers looking to reduce their lost impressions and improve quality of traffic, and lower acquisition cost by reaching only the households more likely to convert. We utilize IP Targeting to target all devices in the household or office space, increasing visibility and reach.

Merging Email Subscriber Data

Your current email subscribers are ideal targets to spread your campaign message and promotional advertising. By integrating your subscriber data with our database we can create user profiles by matching IP addresses to these email users. From this merge, we can then household target users and A/B test creatives on all devices such as smartphones,  smart TVs, and desktops connected to their home network.

Direct Mail Lists Merging

Connect with users on multiple mediums and deliver more personalized experiences. We can take your direct mailing lists with physical addresses and incorporate these lists alongside your online email subscribe lists to enhance the household IP targeting.

In-Store Attribution

To further increase your reach we are capable of now retargeting these customers who have been reached and draw them to physical storefronts and tracking their device  ID’s to provide in-store attribution. This allows you to see the real impact of your campaigns by analyzing which online users came to your store location.

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