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Starting Early Spring, Apple Will Require App Developers To Ask Users’ Permission To Track and Share Their Data

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With the recent user privacy changes that more and more companies are adopting, Apple is sharing new details about its much-discussed app tracking transparency feature in iOS 14.

Starting early spring, all app developers who want to submit new apps or update their apps on the App Store and use advertising or analytics SDK, are required to describe what third-party data they collect, how this data may be used, and whether it will track users. Thus, users who install and open an app will be presented with the list of what data that app tracks and whether they want to opt into that tracking.

What These Changes Mean for Companies and Advertisers?

Until now, companies that use mobile applications as a primary way to reach consumers were heavily reliant on the ability to track users for their advertising. As more people opt out from sharing their data, it is expected to greatly reduce the size of customer segments that will be trackable which could pose a challenge for companies to advertise to specific audiences.

Fortunately, at Ntooitive we are prepared for these overhauls and are here to help you effectively reach your customers beyond these changes.

But Wait... There's More

This month, Google clarified its plans for targeted advertising, promising not to use other ways to “track” users around the internet after it ends support for cookies in Chrome by early 2022. The company said in a blog post it will only use “privacy-preserving technologies” that rely on methods like anonymization or aggregation of data. In short, the cookie—a bit of software dropped into a browser that helps advertisers and publishers gather data on consumers’ web activity to better target ads—is going away. Check out our last blog post on this important topic. Get prepared for the future of digital marketing by contacting us today.

Meet the Team

Brian Kokes

As a veteran sales and operations leader with over 30 years' experience, Brian's track record of fostering mutual alignment in pursuit of key business objectives makes him a core asset to clients and the Ntooitive leadership team. In his role as General Manager, Brian is responsible for the success of Ntooitive's digital marketing agency customers and driving growth through local, national, and affiliate sales teams. Brian most recently was vice president of digital sales and operations at Tribune Publishing.

Digital Accessibility Webinar, in Partnership With the Nevada Small Business Development Center

Timing Is Everything, and the Time Is Now – 5/6/21, 1 P.M. 

While the pandemic has highlighted the need for inclusive digital experiences, accessible design has never been more important to more than 60 million disabled Americans – our neighbors, family members and colleagues – who experience some form of impairment. 

As business leaders, entrepreneurs and members of the community, the challenges that exist for disabled consumers have become opportunities for us to serve them. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • History of the American Disabilities Act
  • Additional laws and regulations
  • Legal precedence
  • What to do if you receive a demand letter
  • What accessibility levels do you really need
  • Unlocking potential with ADA accessibility

Led by Don McCoole, vice president of sales engineering, this is a presentation all businesses with a website don’t want to miss!

March's Tip of the Month

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Don McCoole
Vice President of Sales Engineering

“Don’t try to sell your solution, instead paint a picture of what ‘better’ looks like for your prospect.”
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