Digital Marketing


The Ntooitive staff collectively has been responsible selling and purchasing over 1 billion dollars in Banner, Video and Content advertising during our careers. During this time, we have maintained our grip on the leading edge for our partners and maximized their yield across all possible channels. This is accomplished through implementing best practices in ad serving set-up, Direct-Sales channel management, Yield optimization and testing of emerging digital revenue streams while improving user experience and increasing usage and in turn advertising revenue.

Traditional Banner and Video Advertising
Maximizing yield with traditional banner ads has become more and more challenging as users have evolved how, when and where they access the content that is accompanied by banner and video advertising. Monetization of these units is further complicated by conflicts in direct sold, non-guaranteed direct and programmatic channels. Often these channels do not operate in harmony to maximize yield through automated channels and provide a consistent profitable product to the direct sold market. Ntooitive solves these issues by creating a full funnel monetization plan and then supporting it with Ad-tech that enables revenue generation as opposed to creating a closed eco-system that gets in the way.
Our unique implantation of technology is informed by our unmatched experience in both selling and buying programmatic and RTB environments. We know both sides of the market and you are the benefactor.

Content Advertising
Ntooitive has equal experience buying, selling and creating content advertising across all channels. In addition to our advertising services we have also developed custom technology that can operate stand alone or native to your CMS that will allow for paid content management. Ntooitive can also help with executing partnerships with large national brands while maintaining a positive user experience.

Emerging channels and Custom Ad-Tech
Ntooitive is constantly innovating with our partners in the publishing, programmatic advertising, ad exchange, App and Web development spaces to bring advertising revenue solutions to market that have positive impact on our industry. We have developed solutions for our partners that increase revenue and use acquisition.

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